Code of Conduct

The following may be interpreted as gross misconduct and may result in a student’s dismissal from the School.
Truancy either from assembly or from class.
Habitual late coming.
Being incorrectly dressed.
Shortage of attendance.
Indifference towards studies.
Insubordination towards school authorities.
Failure to participate in the co-curricular activities of the school held during school hours (e.g. N.C.C., P.T., debates, elocution, dramatics, essay, competitions, quizzes etc.)
Driving a motorized vehicle on the school campus.
The meeting of friends who are outsiders or even ex-students on the school campus.
Smoking or chewing of addictive substances.
Spitting or writing on the walls.
Acts of violence or abuse.
Reading or purveying of obscene material.
Vandalism or willful destruction of school property.
Bringing or using mobile phones on campus.