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Computer Lab:
The school’s Computer Lab is equipped with air conditioned and is furnished for comfortable interaction up to class XII. Computer Laboratory has Latest standard computers with latest state of the art software and hardware. Students from classes III to XII are guided by competent instructors to make fullest possible use of the machines and modern technology. The lab remains open for the students during college hours.
The School has well equipped computerized library. The students are encouraged to facilitate the use of the school library for self-study and other referral work. Library cards are issued to each student which works as their identity proof also. The Library is maintained by a trained librarian. An annual magazine (PRAGATI PATH) is published each year featuring wide-ranging articles written student editors. Besides, a quarterly Bulletin is also published. To improve students' vocabulary and broaden their horizons, the library also has a wide selection of fiction books. It also boasts of a wonderful collection of spiritual books covering all faiths. The library offers the students a quiet and peaceful place for study, research and recreation, and it is central to the academic life of the school.
Science Labs:
The school’s science block houses the Science Laboratories. These Labs are equipped and furnished for comfortable scientific interaction up to class XII. The science labs are up to dated from time to time keeping in mind the changing syllabus and appraisals received from the Council. The labs are effective, well Lighted and ventilated.