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Primary Wing Incharge

It is my privilege to take up this new responsibility as the new Incharge of the Pre-Primary and Primary wing in Raj Kumar Academy. As I take over Seema Bisaria Ma'am, my journey would be incomplete without her blessings. Her guidance would be my strength in my every step. Keeping the vision of school in mind, let us all pledge to take the Pre-Primary and Primary wing to another level of excellence.

In today's busy world, our children are innocent, vulnerable and dependent. So, when they come to school their time should be one of joy, peace and of playing, learning and growing. As they spend their good 4-6 hours with us, their lives should be shaped, as they broaden their perspective and gain new experience. These experiences in my view can bring about the total development of a child socially, physically, culturally and emotionally. We, at RKA believe that all children must be given a chance to find their identity and realize their worth in a safe and supportive environment.

Raj Kumar Academy believes that each child is an individual and pledge in giving them a holistic education... but above all in making them good human being.

Ms. Sonia Herman
Primary Wing Incharge