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Parents seeking admission for their children are required to complete the registration form available at the school offices on payment of the prescribed fee. Birth Certificate is a must for admission and it should be submitted at the time of admission.

The classes for every academic year will commence during middle of March.

Admission will be confirmed only after assessing the performance of the child in the Entrance Test and a personal interview with the respective coordinators of the Class. On confirmation of admission, parents will be required to submit a Conduct Certificate from the existing school along with a Recommendation letter.

Admission will not be granted without birth-certificate from Nagar Nigam, government hospital or an authorized nursing home.

All admissions to classes (IX) & (XI) will be granted only after Council's/Board's approval. No admission is granted in classes (X) & (XII). The Address of the Council/Board is available at the school office.

The minimum age for the students seeking admission is three (3) years for Playgroup section, four (4) years for nursery, five (5) years for class I and on. (No exemptions are made).


Students withdrawing during the school session will have to pay the fee for the entire term ending in December/March each year. No exemptions shall be made.

A transfer certificate on withdrawal shall be issued on second working day only after all the dues of the school have been settled by the withdrawing student. No transfer certificate will be issued without a birth certificate.

A student name may be struck off due to:
  • Indiscipline
  • Non-payment of fee
  • Unsatisfactory academic performance and progress
  • Continuous absence for ten days with no prior leave being sought from the school authorities.

Note: Fee once paid to the school is not refundable.