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School Rules

  • Students are expected to report to school in neat and proper uniform.
  • Students must report to the school every day at least five minutes before the prescribed school time late arrival is not allowed.
  • Any indiscipline shall be dealt with severely and after, two warnings; the guilty would be expelled from the school. No correspondence or discussion would be entertained in this respect, thereafter.
  • Students are not allowed to leave the school campus during school hours. Principalís permission should be sought in case of emergency.
  • Diaries, test copies and report cards are to be duly signed and returned promptly.
  • All complaints regarding academics must be directed to the Principal. Any other complaints shall be dealt with by the school office.
  • No student is allowed to bring cash or valuables to the school. The school shall not be held responsible for any Losses.
  • The promotion of a student wilt depend on his/her general progress with major emphasis on academic performance. The school does not have a policy for re-test on any grounds. Applications and discussions in this respect are not entertained.
  • The decision of the principal would be final in all respects and there should be no interference, either from within the school or from outside in any case.
  • Students causing damage to any school property shall be penalized or fined for the same.
  • In cases of indiscipline & irregularity the School has the right to suspend or rusticate a student. No correspondence shall be entertained or explanation given in such matters.
  • The school provides various sports activities on campus. Though full care is taken yet in case of any physical injury or fatal injury the school will not be responsible in any manner.


Students withdrawing during the school session will have to pay the fee for the entire term ending in December/March each year. No exemptions shall be made.

A transfer certificate on withdrawal shall be issued on second working day only after all the dues of the school have been settled by the withdrawing student. No transfer certificate will be issued without a birth certificate.

A student name may be struck off due to:
1. Indiscipline
2. Non-payment of fee
3. Unsatisfactory academic performance and progress
4. Continuous absence for ten days with no prior leave being sought from the school authorities.
Note: Fee once paid to the school is not refundable.