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Sports Academy

Rajkumar Academy (RKA) aims to improve the quality of life of all students in college by promoting participation amongst children and adults in sport and recreation, and also encourage participation of groups/teams in sporting events/tournaments throughout the academic session. We have vast green lustrous playground for children. School has a varied range of sports equipments and accessories along with their respective courts like Cricket Pitch, Lawn Tennis Court, Table-Tennis, Badminton Court etc.

The main AIM of the Academy is to provide a carefully planned, stimulating environment which will help each child develop an excellent foundation for creative learning and independence.

Our Objectives
1. Developing a positive attitude toward Life
2. Helping each child develop self-confidence
3. Assisting each child in building the habit of concentration
4. Fostering an abiding curiosity
5. Fostering inner security and sense of order in the child