Mr. Anoop Raj


Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to Raj Kumar Academy, Since its founding in 1980. Raj Kumar Academy has been dedicated to providing the best education to our students. Throughout our proud 47 years history.

Raj Kumar Academy has been a place where students are intellectually ambitious, engaged, and curious about the world in which they love. Our students are compassionate, creative and filled with desire to meet new challenges and purse creative path to solutions.

Firstly, I would like to express my enthusiasm for the recent changes brought about by the new education policy's with its student-centric approach, which emphasizes holistic development, critical thinking, and skill enhancement. It nurtures individuals who are proficient but also possess the skills and knowledge necessary to excel is a rapidly evolving world.

One of the key aspects of the new policy is the emphasis on vocational education. We recognize the value of practical skills and the need for students to be equipped with both theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience. Therefore, we have implemented a range of vocational courses that will be offered alongside the traditional academic subjects. The courses will provided opportunities for students to explore their interests, develop practical skills, and gain exposure to various professions.

Our vocational education programs will cover diverse field such as technology, health Sciences, creative arts and business management. Through partnerships with industry experts and local business, we ensure that our students will receive practical training aligned with real-world requirements. This collaboration will also provide students with internship and apprenticeship opportunities, giving them a head start on their chosen career paths.

Additionally, our school has revamped our counseling and career guidance services to ensure That every student receives personalized support in making informed decisions about their future. We have dedicated counselors who will work closely with students to identify their interests, explore career options, and guide them in selecting the most suitable academic pathways.

We, as a school, are committed to providing an enriching environment that fosters both personal and professional growth. Our goal is to equip our students with the necessary knowledge, skills and values to succeed in their chosen endeavors.

I encourage you to actively participate in your child's educational journey and take advantage of the resources and opportunities available at our school. Together, we can create a bright future for our students.

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